Mortal Wombat
Кгтик. Коварный и неубедительный.
There are fields of scarlet poppies blooming on the Dark Side of the Moon. Soft and tender they dance with no air and bow their heads to the Invisible Soldiers running and shooting to end the Endless War.

There is an Endless War shaking the grey ground of the Dark Side of the Moon, and the Invisible Soldiers know not what they fight for and know not who is friend and who is foe, for they are all invisible and can never tell each other apart. And no generals call over the fall of their footsteps to show them which way the victory lies. And every time the sun sets over the hills and craters, they wake up in the dark to go into battle for something they must have known and have now forgotten.

There are invisible armies on the Dark Side of the Moon, and every boy who dreamt of becoming an astronaut and forgot his dream is one of the soldiers. And they dream of the stars, when they sleep in the poppy fields, and they wake to the war with the sunset, and they fall in the battles. And from their invisible wounds crimson blood flows to the grey ground to become a poppy, tender and glowing in the middle of fray. And the invisible eyes look up for the last time, and there is no blue of the sky nor colorful human lights to obscure the stars above, and the Invisible Soldier remembers dreaming of spaceflight. And he thinks that maybe, just maybe, the endless battle was worth it, to dream and to look at the stars one last time.

There is light on the Dark Side of the Moon that comes with the sun. It's hot on the poppies, lighting them up, turning them into white ash. And the soldiers sleep in their burning fields, and the ashes rise on their warm breath, and before the sun sets, they are gone in soft clouds, finally leaving for space and traveling always among the stars.

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@темы: you'd think killing people might make them like you. but it doesn't. it only makes people dead., сказки, настолько смертельно, что человек умирает, мрак выжигает нутро дятла