Mortal Wombat
Кгтик. Коварный и неубедительный.
And the first day at the new job was all like,

'The institute has three departments. Each department has its own tower with the rooms where you will work and an atrium, where you can hang out with your colleagues. Each department also has its own kitchen, copy- and scan-room and a bathroom. Your department will be like your family - you will work, eat and work some more with them. You will share the library, which you will already have seen (it's the basement that you can notice through the open pits around the courtyard) with the other departments. Note that it is strictly forbidden to take books out of the library. I have also been asked by our caretakers to remind you that the automatic doors are not to be touched under any circumstances. Now let the sorting ceremony begin us go to the administration offices and see about your contracts.'

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