Mortal Wombat
Кгтик. Коварный и неубедительный.
А я, тем временем, продолжаю рубрику цитат из Фрая.

"His favourite word, one for which I have a great deal of time myself as a matter of fact, was Arse. Everyone was more or less an arse most of the time, but I was arsier than just about everyone else in the school. In fact, in my case he would often go further - I was on many occasions a bumptious arse. Before I learned what bumptious actually meant I assumed that it derived from 'bum' and believed therefore with great pride that as a bumptious arse I was doubly arsey - twice the arse of ordinary arses."

для несчастных, как и я до сих пор не знавших подлинного значения слова

@темы: поиграют и отдадут, you'd think killing people might make them like you. but it doesn't. it only makes people dead.